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Awareness has the power, as it gives us an opportunity to choose either to be a VICTOR or be a VICTIM during Midlife transition phase.

Awareness Guide - Midlife Transition

"We deserve to be successful at every stage of life. It's just that we need to continuously discover ourselves and learn the tools and strategies to thrive during Midlife Transition "

- Shailesh Kumar

People often experience crisis in their life as early as 30 years of age. It should be considered as a transition period for them to leap forward and take charge of themselves, and not lean back and merely survive that phase, hoping things will be better.

Shailesh is a Transformation Coach , founder of MIDLIFE THRIVER'S CLUB and on a mission to help 100,000 people to bounce back in the Midlife transition and thrive using simple and yet powerful research based skill building tools. He is Amazon #1 Best-selling author, Mentor and a keynote Speaker.

Know if you are in MIDLIFE TRANSITION

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